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Aug 10. 2017

At the session of the Supervisory Board of Tigar a.d. held on 08.08.2017 was appointed new CEO of the company. 

Instead of present CEO, Branislav Čurić, for the CEO was appointed Vladimir Ilić. Branislav Čurić’s work in the past fourteen months was marked by the conversion of debt into state creditors’ capital according to the Conclusion adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia as of 13.09.2016. On that occasion Tigar a.d. managed to relieve itself of debts which date back to the period before 2013, in the amount of 2,2 billion serbian dinars or cc 17,8 million euros, which is of great importance for the company. 

Branislav Čurić remains part of Tigar company team. 

New CEO Vladimir Ilić graduated from law school. In his previous work experience he had the function of State Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, he has held the post of the director of the City Center for Social Work in Belgrade for three years, and he has ten years’ experience working as a lawyer in the City Center for Social Work in Belgrade – departure for Lazarevac. He actively participated in the work of working groups with the relevant ministry in the part of social protection and improvement of laws in this field.


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.