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82 years of the company Tigar - WHEN I SAY PIROT I MEAN TIGAR

82 years of the company Tigar - WHEN I SAY PIROT I MEAN TIGAR
Dec 06. 2013

On the occasion of its 82nd anniversary the company Tigar AD has organized a series of activities during December in which kindergartens, schoolchildren as well as socially vulnerable groups will participate. Also, we have organized a giveaway quiz on Pi channel for our citizens. Traditionally, for its birthday Tigar workers help local community through blood donations. 

For all primary and high schools in Pirot, Tigar has organized a prize contest and the topic is WHEN I SAY PIROT I MEAN TIGAR. 
The idea is that children use all their creativity and imagination to show us what Tigar means to them, using various techniques (drawing, painting and collage) as well as a photo contest where most creative photos will be selected. 

According to Vladimir Ilić, CEO of Tigar, authors of the most successful works are to expect valuable prizes, and all awarded participants will be presented with gifts for the upcoming New Year’s holidays. Schools that participated in the contest will win sports equipment to promote a healthy lifestyle. Awards will be given on 27, December 2017 in Tehnička secondary school at 19h. 

Tigar AD supports the project of dual education, a blend of theory and use where curriculum and focus of education are adjusted to the requirements of our economy. Introduction of this type of education will greatly contribute to a faster and more effective education of our young citizens who, after they graduate, will be qualified to make their contribution to the development of city economy. 
Tehnička secondary school educates different profiles, much needed for the operation of production companies, Tigar particularly, and gladly accepted the invitation to celebrate our day and host our citizens. 
In line with its possibilities, Tigar AD supports all the efforts that this school has successfully made in the previous years in order to improve the quality of teaching and working conditions for their students. 

We invite all citizens of Pirot to join us on Wednesday, 27 December in Tehnička secondary school and take a look at the works of our youngest citizens.


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.