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217 employees of Tigar accepted voluntary leaving with severance payment

217 employees of Tigar accepted voluntary leaving with severance payment
Oct 12. 2013

Out of a total of 1387 employees of the company Tigar A.D. 217 employees accepted to leave the company voluntarily along with social program for the realization of which the state has allocated nearly 142 million dinars. 

According to Vladimir Ilić, CEO of the company Tigar A.D., there has been completed social program for 217 employees in cooperation with the compentent authorities of the Republic of Serbia, whose payment starts this week. This reduction in headcount will significantly affect the liquidity of all entities within Tigar A.D.

Pirot since it would bring about a cutback in costs of earnings and monthly compensation for earnings of some 12 million dinars.

CEO Vladimir Ilic stressed as particularly important that the implementation of social program would not affect the production process negatively since it was taken into account that the reduction of the number of employees be from the non-productive sector of the company. 

Reducing the number of employees to the optimal number necessary for smooth production process and increasing labor productivity represents another measure of the new management of Tigar A.D. taken in order to improve operations efficiency and enable Tigar A.D. to continue delivering high-quality products to its customers. 


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.